It's not like the new year ever turns out the way you think it will, but 2014 really threw me for a loop with way too many new beginnings and endings to keep track of. One of my main goals every year is to concentrate on photography as much as possible, yet we all know how most resolutions end up. This year was a whirl wind, with most of my artistic energy going toward shooting weddings for a company that hires me on a contract by contract basis. This tends to be a very robotic process/job with value solely placed on speed and ability to mass produce a product. I can't say that it's my passion to speed through weddings that don't allow me to connect with the couples on a personal level and allows my art to be manipulated into a machine-like work flow. However, it ended up stretching my photography skills in a way I'd never experienced before. Once I made the decision to learn all I could from it, the wedding industry began growing my raw skill and ability to capture life in all emotional and physical situations. Even though my personal body of work this year is small, I feel like it may be the quickest year of technical growth for me yet. Shooting personally for Elkk may not have happened half as much as my heart desired but, I can only say that I was so blessed with the opportunities I did have. Every single person who has hired me and collaborated with me has overwhelmed me with support and thankfulness. I actually cried the other day just speaking about all the amazing couples who trusted me to photograph their lives and loved ones. So for what it's worth, here's a little look back at the projects I actually managed to shoot, upload, edit and release.

Below are a few of the many colleges who listened to my general creative frustrations day to day and ended up turning into my most amazing models.

I got to meet the most amazing baby girl in the whole world in 2014. Little Olive was born weighing only 2lbs 2 oz and has been gracing the world with her spunk ever since. Her first birthday is almost here and I can't wait to watch her celebrate many more. 

April brought along an amazing wedding that I still can't believe I got to be apart of. These people have giant hearts of love and made me feel like the photographer I want to be.

These two humans make me so excited about 2015 with their spring wedding coming up! They found me through a mutual friend and have once again left me in shock about how I get to work with such special people.

My last wedding of 2014 was a special one without a doubt, staring two of my favorite people. Their own wedding blog is to be posted on Elkk soon, but I had sneak yet another peek in.

One of my favorite photos of 2014 came from a collaboration with one of my oldest friends, and Im so excited to share more when the time is right.

Last but not least, one of the most unexpected blessings of 2014 came in my favorite form: coffee. For a few months of 2014 I considered leaving my passion of craft coffee behind to focus on other past times, but a brand new South Austin coffee shop swept me up in it's magic. I am so grateful to have a new coffee family and place to relax when life gets hectic. Here's to you, 2015!