That's my face over there to the left, my cute bf (celebrating my college graduation) over to the right & our pup down below! I'm a native Texas, born & raised in San Marcos (the few, the proud!) When I was born, my parents had 7 dogs (yeah, you heard right) so when I say I'm a dog person, I mean it. My darling bf & Elkk associate, Greg & I adopted our pittie mix, Amelie, the month before we started dating & just celebrated our 6 year anniversary & pup's 7th birthday!



Photos, photos, wine
Tacos, tacos, sometimes beer
Puppy, model boyfriend, wine


I've been a professional portrait & wedding photographer for 6 crazy years! Authentic portraits of people interacting with their loved ones is how I fell in love with photography & still inspires me today. I love having no rules at my shoots and if you’re the type to get a little weird, I’m so on board. Love is love, bring your pets (pretty pleaseeeee), & wear your favorite outfit, I can’t wait to see what we create together :)


What's in a name?

When an animal has a horn, it only gets one in its whole lifetime (which is one of the reasons poaching of elephant tusks and rhino horns is such a big deal). However, when an animal has antlers, it sheds those antlers once a year and regrows them with another brand new section added.

With my art,  I found that in letting go of control, I am able to see consistently more growth and development. I have learned to let it go and see what parts would come back to me. This is terrifying in the short term, but in the long run, I always end up with a better creative product than before.