Elkk Social Media Sessions

I am so excited to launch the newest aspect of Elkk Photography, Elkk Social Media Sessions. In today's marketing landscape, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are gods. There is so much potential reach on each one of these social media platforms and most of it you can access for free! The key to creating a loyal following of engaged viewers that will eventually turn into profitable customers lies in offering up a strong branded vision and professional curated content. Elkk is now at your service for both of these.


The why

Having a strong social media presence adds a huge backbone to any business. It lives at the heart of not only selling products, but creating relationship with your target audience.


The how

Your hour long photo session, begins by sitting down with me one on one and discussing how you ideally want people to see and interact with your business, as well as your vision for the upcoming future.

In just one hour, we will work together to create content that you will be able to put out online for the next weeks to promote your space, upcoming products and events, as well and personalize your feed so that your audience really gets to connect with you as a person that holds a dream as well as a solution to their problems.

The investment

Your social media session with Elkk will deliver you a full online gallery of beautiful images to enable you to fill your Instagram feed, create Facebook ads and even fill your entire website with customized content.  The first session is the starting point for Elkk Social customers to begin to grow your image pool that will continue to expand along with your product line and branding. Head on over to our contact page to connect with us, get a custom quote based on your needs, see a full client example gallery and get started on growing your business today!

Elkk Social Users

"Working with Dez on this shoot was such a valuable experience on so many levels. We spent time before hand talking through my brand and what I was hoping to share with my audience. She gave incredible insight and helped me really define my voice on social media. She took the time to understand me and my work and it shows in every photo. Now, not only is my copy stronger and more defined, but each and every photo visually expresses my heart. I gained over 100 followers and likes in less than two weeks and my post engagement has skyrocketed. Dez is the BEST."

-Abi Robins Yoga


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